Mythical coins held only by those who rock!

Tech folklore says these coins have been forged especially for the legendary, rockstar pioneers of Cardano staking.


Holding one of these unique 3D Coin NFTs gives you the power to re-live and experience the glorious early days of the Shelley era.

Gold Coins

268 total Gold coins each bearing a unique serial number and a unique policy ID. 21 coins are in the special series.

Silver Coins

272 Silver coins each bearing a unique serial number and a uique policy ID. All of these coins are in the main series.

Copper Coins

1,460 Copper coins each bearing a unique serial number and a uique policy ID. All of these coins are in the main series.

The Main Series

  • Serial Nos

    These are all the coins from serial no. 0001 up to 2000 except those in the special series.

  • Materials

    Coins 001 to 249 are in Gold; Coins 250 to 524 are in Silver. The rest are in Copper.

  • S/N Matters

    The closer to zero the serial number of the coin is, the more valuable it is. More...

  • Full 3D

    Each coin in this collection is a full 3D object that can viewed in every angle.

The Special Series

  • S/N 69ers

    Coins in this series bear the serial nos that include the number "69" in them!

  • Lucky Nos

    This extraordinary community has always found luck whenever no. "69" appears.

  • Material

    Because these coins bear the lucky serial numbers, each of them are made in Gold.

  • Very Limited

    This series is composed of only 21 coins out of the 2,000 in the entire collection.

You'll Surely Rock

The items in this collection are definitely not just like any other Cardano NFT. These are initially owned ONLY by some of the earliest adopters and stakers of Cardano. At laucnh, most of these coins are not even available for purchase anymore.

An Heirloom

These NFTs are some of the very few things in life that we will keep for posterity.

For the Future

The significance and value of these coins will be indubitable to our decendants.


You never actually own these coins. You merely look after them for your grandkids.

Bragging Rights

It will bring you deep satisfaction when you show off one of these coins to your peers.

Historic Objects

Cardano will change world. These coins will be one of the artifacts from its early days.


Being on the Cardano blockchain, these coins are more indestructible than actual gold.

Featured Coins

These are the 21 coins from the special series in this collection.

All Unallocated Coins

These are the coins in this collection that are not yet allocated to the qualified delegators of PHRCK stake pool. These coins are available for purchase.

Entire Collection

Below is the full list of all the 2,000 coins in this collection. The items with no price indicated are the ones allocated to the qualified PHRCK delegators.







Check Wallet

Submit your wallet address below to check your account for any of the coins in this collection. This is one way to verify if you hold an authentic NFT from here.


Got questions? Check the list of frequently-asked questions below for quick answers. You may also contact us on Telegram if you have other questions.

How can I buy these NFTs?

There's a buy button or link on each item in this collection that is still available for sale. Just click on those buttons or links and you'll be given a unique wallet address for that particular item.

You only have to send the amount indicated (the price) to the designated payment address and click the button provided, to trigger our backend system to check for your payment. If it's already received, your NFT will be automatically minted and sent to you, together with 1.517208 ADA.

Unlike many other NFT projects, the policy ID for the items in this collection are generated programmatically, right at the time of minting. So the policy ID is unique for each token minted.

But all these policies are signed by the following public key only:


So, you can check for this public key in the `Policy Script` of the NFT that you received. See below on how to do this (click to enlarge):

The recommended wallet app is Yoroi (both the mobile and desktop versions).

But any wallet app that supports Cardano native tokens can be used to receive, store and/or send these NFTs. These include Daedalus, Adalite, CCwallet, and Nami.

No. At this time, only payments made from Shelley-era addresses on the Cardano blockchain network will be automatically processed.

If you have your ADA on Binance Smart Chain, you'll have to transfer it first to your own wallet on the Cardano network. You can use the Binance Bridge for this, or send it to Binance (centralized exchange) and from there, withdraw to your wallet on the Cardano network.

At the time of this writing (September 2021), wallet apps are not yet providing viewers for the images and other files attached to CNFTs. We can only see token balances and metadata in our wallet apps, not the actual images and 3D objects in the NFTs. This might change in the near future.

For now, you can view your NFT through this website. You can also use pool.pm by going to:


Note that at the time of this writing also, only the 2D rendered image for these coins are shown by pool.pm.

Dafuq are you talking about?

NFTs are not meant to be used. They're meant to be enjoyed! 😉

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